I did it!

Nope, didn’t cure cancer or do anything really heroic but I did finish something I started so if it were up to me I’d be putting on a cape right now.  Luckily for my family I don’t own a cape.  But if I did it would be in the cape section of my closet neatly organized … More I did it!

ROTR -Book Club

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer!  One of my favorite things is getting the chance to read summertimey books.  Books that probably aren’t on the top lists of all time but they’re good, light and enjoyable. So here is the first Raised on the Radio Book Club – party of 1, so far. … More ROTR -Book Club

Simpler Times.

Maybe its the start of summer or watching a movie from the 90’s but I find myself wishing for simpler times. Remember growing up, hanging out with your friends and you were totally in the moment.  It was the best.  There were no cell phones where anyone, anytime could call or text to interrupt you from what … More Simpler Times.

This Summer.

I love the summer.  I love how easy it is to get out of the house because all you have to do is throw on flip flops.  I love that its light out till eight o’clock at night.  I love that you can sit out and drink wine on the balcony and not have to … More This Summer.