Marching into Spring


March is here!  I love a new month, it’s like you get to start fresh all over again.  I wipe February off of my white board calendar in the kitchen.  I fill in the days of March.  I add to it the plans I have made; dinners and weekend visits with friends, the appointments that I have. It’s so fresh and clean.  I just stare at the calendar and wonder at the possibilities of the month.  What will I do, what will I accomplish?

Especially on this first day of March with the sun out and the temperatures in the low 70’s it feels inspiring like anything is possible.  I find myself a little all over the place trying to think of what I would like to do this month.  In my head there is a long list of the things I want to do or learn or accomplish in some way.  The trick is to pick one or two and go for it.

I have a kindle full of books I have yet to read.  I’m slowly meandering through Nightingale.  It’s actually pretty good, I just don’t turn off the TV early enough to get much reading in.  By the time I go to bed to read a little I’m too tired and hardly get through a page.  But right now I’m feeling motivated to set out some goals for March.

There are two things I’ve decided to focus on.  One, I’m going to finish Nightingale and get back into a reading routine.  The other is to get my pre baby belly back.

One of my best friends, Kendra, is a corrective exercise specialist – she has studied the anatomy, been a yoga instructor and personal trainer for years, she knows her stuff.  She has recently added a video on her blog of simple breathing exercises for how to get your core back post baby. The best part it is it works all of your core muscles and no crunches!  I’m going to do these every day this month.  If any of you try these out I would love to hear what you think of them in the comments section.  It will be really nice to know someone else is trying them out too!

I hope you’re all off to a great start towards spring.  What are the things you like to do to begin a new season?

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