And the list goes on..


Those of you that read my last blog post know that I love lists.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if there’s any hope for something to get done it has got to be on the list.  But then today I got to thinking about how important it is to add stuff to the list that is just for you.


Today my list consisted of a bunch of work items, some household chores, planning for next week, things to return, stuff like that.  But then I also added in read, watch This Is US, and meditate.  I think all too often we think about all of the things that we have to do each day and then we just get into it but we forget that its just as important to take care of ourselves and have a little down time and enjoyment as it is to get the laundry done. Especially as a Mom now, there is not as much time for the things I love so its especially important that I put them on the list.


There are two other great things about having the enjoyment items on the list.  One is that you won’t feel guilty or like you should be doing something else when you are doing them. And second, you get to feel accomplished when you cross them off the list.  Not only accomplished but I think in time, as you keep adding items like this to your list, you’ll start to feel empowered by taking care of yourself too.  Of course a facial should be on your things to do, or 30 min of uninterrupted reading.  Whatever it is as long as you’re making time for yourself and treating it like a priority. If Mama’s happy, the whole house is happy!

2 thoughts on “And the list goes on..

  1. Meant to tell you on your last entry that I also add items I’ve already done to my ongoing list so I can cross it off too!!!
    Did you start This Is Us? Everyone seems obsessed with it…I’ve never seen it. But I did just start watching Lovesick, a Netflix orig. Have you seen it?!

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