Whole 30ish

I’m not a big believer in diets at all.  However, a few months back I did whole 30.  I followed it exactly for the entire 30 days. If you haven’t heard of it, its basically paleo but a little bit more strict.  So pretty much just meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and fats. No sugar, grains, legumes, dairy or any ingredient that you can’t pronounce. It’s literally just whole foods for 30 days.  There’s a book that goes with it, which I’m glad I read at the same time because it explained the science behind how different foods effect your body.


Overall it was a good experience.  I lost about 7lbs and I learned how to eat a lot better. Now the idea, or my hope, was that after the 30 days I would continue to eat like this about 80% of the time.  Instead I dove face first into some Ben & Jerry’s. This is the reason I’m not a fan of diets.

I’m not going back on whole 30 100% but I am going to take what I’ve learned and try and incorporate the healthier eating into everyday.  This week I’ve decided to make one meal a day be a whole 30 meal.  It’s really not that hard.  Everyday for breakfast I have scrambled eggs and some tea. This way I’ve already taken care of one healthy meal and I’m starting the day on the right foot.  I’m secretly trying to make 2 of my meals whole 30 but as long as I do one that’s enough.  I’ve noticed that this has been causing me to make better decisions for snacks during the day too.  Where I would normally grab a cup o’ noodles or some cookies, I’ve opted for a handful of almonds.  And I’m telling you, drinking tea has really stuck as a good habit and a go to when I just want something.

For me making a conscious effort for just one meal a day is enough to start me making better food decisions but at the same time not feeling deprived.  I think next week I’ll aim to do 10 meals as whole food meals.  Thinking this way also helps me to buy healthier food to work with so that my options are now just healthier.

It’s kind of eye opening to see how many foods that you buy have sugar in them which makes it sort of tough for your first shopping trip, cause you’re really reading all of the labels.  For example just some turkey lunch meat, most often it has sugar in it and a bunch of other ingredients that you can’t have.  But once you get used to it its easier because you just buy the same stuff and figure out different ways to put it together.

There were certain things I loved eating.  I really really love salsa and my favorite brand, Herdez, was compliant.  It only has fresh vegetables and chilis in it.  So I made a lot of taco salads with avocado and salsa.  Vegetable omelets were really satiating. I also used endives as a bread replacement.  I would make tuna with a little olive oil and mashed avocado and stuff them in these little boats.  One of my favorite things was prosciutto and melon.  I probably had this almost every night for desert.  It’s sweet and salty, the perfect combo.


Have any of you done whole 30?  What did you think?


4 thoughts on “Whole 30ish

  1. I’ve been considering whole 30 for a while now. I don’t think I’ll actually do it, but I love that you’re enjoying it and I’m glad I have some ideas for healthier lunches to try (salsa as dressing and tuna boats)! Keep up the good work!!!!

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  2. It might even just be worth it to skim the book a little bit to read about the science behind it. There is also a cook book to give you a lot more ideas. I really need to get more veggies into my diet and just overall not eat so much junk. But in Charleston, we eat like Queens!


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