Favorites: Shopping


Whenever someone tells me they like my boots or that my new sweater is cute, I can never just say thank you.  I always feel compelled to tell them that I got it on sale for $10 or that its on clearance at the mall.  I can never just let them imagine its a really nice expensive sweater.  I’ve been this way forever.  I feel guilty if I don’t tell them about the great deal.  I’m like this with everything.  If I find something I love I can’t help but tell everyone I know.  So I’m starting this new series, Favorites, on things I love.  It could be clothes, food, travel, anything.

Lately I’ve been going around telling people about ebates like I’m Paul Revere.  I’ve seen these commercials forever and never really knew what it was.  And then, you know how it is, one day you just pay attention and check it out.  Once I realized that its just a click through site where you get cash back for shopping, which is exactly what the commercials say, I started using it.  I’ve already received a check.  I don’t know why I never paid attention before because I buy pretty much everything online.  Anyway, now that its the holiday season and everyone will most likely be doing a lot of online shopping, I feel the need tell everyone about it.

My other new obsessions are puffy vests and cozy pants, as I call them.  Puffy vests are kind of great in LA because it doesn’t really get cold enough for coats.  Vests are cute, they layer nicely and they’re still warm.  I’ve bought them from a few different places but my favorite are from Old Navy.  I already have 2 of them and I’m sure a lot of people will be getting them from me for Christmas.

My other new fave are these cozy pants from Target.  They’re super comf and stylish.  I’m up to three pairs already.  As soon as I get home from work I put these on.  On the weekends I live in them.  They’re also so festive for the winter season, they make me feel like I’m in a movie while I’m sipping my hot cup of tea.

As I get deeper into my holiday shopping I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of my favorite things with you all.  If you have an item you love or something you just have to share please post it in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it and check it out.

Happy Shopping!

3 thoughts on “Favorites: Shopping

  1. I always feel the need to tell everyone where I got something they comment on and the price. Must be a family thing. I think it’s a good thing. I’m going to check out the cozy pants.

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