Like Tea for Chocolate


So I gave up chocolate.  Just for the week.  I find that a meal doesn’t seem quite finished until I have something sweet and the only sweet that I like is chocolate.  I have no trouble resisting pretty much any other kind of desert.  White cake, no thanks.  Strawberry ice cream, I’ll pass.  Peanut butter cookies, doubt it.  It’s just chocolate and lately its been getting out of hand.  So I figured I’d quit for a week to get rid of the craving.  Or at least suppress it a little.

The first day was a little hard because like I said, I love it.  But the thing is I didn’t just quit I replaced it with something else.  Tea.  I know that’s not even close to the same thing but in a way it had the same effect.  After every meal it was nice to have a cup of tea, it finished the meal in a different way but it still did the job and I didn’t find myself wanting something else.  I chose tea because I wanted to make a better choice for myself and I do like tea.  I’m usually cold anyway so a warm cup of tea was nice to enjoy a few times a day.

This was another time when “just a week” has proven to work better for me than something long term.  I didn’t need to quit it all together I just needed a little break from it and a week was totally doable and easy.  Tonight I had a chocolate cupcake and found myself missing my lovely cup of tea.

Maybe its just as much about introducing something new as it is giving up something.  I find myself wanting a cup of tea all the time now.  I love this time of year.  Fall has always been a favorite season and since I live in LA I have to make do with things that seem like fall instead of actual weather and leaves that change.  So for me the new tea ritual has become more than just a replacement for chocolate, it has helped me to feel like I’m experiencing fall.

Another thing I’d really like to incorporate into my life is yoga.  I’m approaching 40 and definitely noticing more creaks and pops in my bones than ever before.  I want my body to be strong and flexible.  My mother, who is a couple years away from 70, recently hurt her knee just getting out of bed.  A simple twist in the wrong direction.  It has completely slowed her down and seems to be taking ages to heal correctly.  I sometimes forget that my body is aging because I don’t really feel 40.  However, since having my son my stomach has never really regained the muscle it once had.  My knee gets stuck sometimes when I’m on the floor playing with him.  And my posture isn’t great either.  I also miss the meditative part of yoga, the intentional breathing and the focus.  The time to just think about your intention for the day.

I love playing with my son so much.  I always want to be able to wrestle with him and have tickle fights, I want to be able to play soccer with him and run around the backyard.  In order to do that I’m going to have to start paying attention to my body and keeping it healthy and limber.  I’m not sure yet how I will bring yoga into my daily life yet.  Possibly a class or a video I can follow along to, or maybe just a string of poses that I practice everyday.  I’ll have to figure it out but this is something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.

Is there something in your daily routine that you truly love, that sets you up for the day or helps you to wind down at the end of it?


2 thoughts on “Like Tea for Chocolate

  1. I quit smoking 4 years ago and I replaced it with tea 🙂 Love it but also found that after a few months I didn’t drink it as much but also was ok with not smoking. From time to time I’ll still have a cup of tea if I have a random craving.
    I do yoga 4-5x a week, it’s amazing how it transforms you physically and mentally 🙂

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  2. Ugh, I’m right there with you on the creakiness that ensues when getting up from playing with Quinn on the floor. I’ve been really down about my inactivity lately and have been complaining about needing to make a change. Prado gifted me two weeks of yoga at CorePower, so I’m gonna start that after Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will push me in the right direction!


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