5 New Recipes

This week I tried out 5 new recipes.  There are two struggles I have with dinner.  One,  I never have a plan for dinner.  It seems like we go to the grocery store every day just to get something for dinner for that night.  Two, I’m not a great cook. I know how to use about three spices and salt and pepper are two of them.   People that know how to cook just throw a little of this or a little of that in and it comes out wonderful.  If you tell me just to add some bbq sauce, or just use a little nutmeg, or throw in some carrots and ground beef, you’re basically short circuiting me.  I need to know how much?  Throw them in where?  With What?  Do I need to add oil, if so how much?  Do I season the beef?  I need full on written out instructions.  Some would call this a recipe.  And I will not deviate from it one single bit.  Even if something is burning I will continue to cook it for as long as it says to.  I also never taste my food when I’m cooking.  I didn’t really know people did this.  So my hope is that making recipes will teach me a few things and get me comfortable with how to use spices and making changes to recipes.  That’s one that really gets me, when I’m looking recipes up people will comment and say that they took this out and added this.  I’m like what?!  How do you know how to do that!?  How do you know it will still work?!

So here are the 5 recipes that I made.  I found them all on pinterest.

The first one I made was Chicken & Chorizo Paella – you probably wouldn’t have thought you were in Spain but it was pretty good.  The rice was a little bit mushy so when I make it again I’ll use 1/2 cup less broth.  I also think my pan was too small, so I bought a bigger one for next time.  I loved cooking with boneless chicken thighs, so tender and good.


The second one I made was Sausage and Peppers.  This was delicious and so easy.  I made a side of pasta to go with it but we also had it with lovely crispy bread so I just made a sandwich.  I’d probably skip the pasta a next time making it even easier to pull together.  It was a lovely Sunday dinner.  I forgot to take a picture but this is actually what it looked like.  I even used a red le creuset pan to make it in.


The third one was Shepherd’s Pie.  I absolutely love anything that you can put all together and then throw in the oven.  You clean up while its cooking and then by the time its done you just eat dinner and throw the last couple of dishes in the dishwasher.  It was a pretty easy recipe too and a nice comfort food.  It was still good the next day when I reheated it for lunch.



The fourth dish I made was the BBQ potatoes.  I didn’t use a bbq but I guess you can which is why they call them that.  I made them in the oven.  It’s a simple side dish recipe but I didn’t love them.  I may have had too much broth in there to allow them to get crispy on the bottom.  Potatoes are weird though, they’re such a dry food that you really need to add a ton of salt, butter and other stuff to make them taste good.  I think if I would have added a lot of butter or some sour cream once I had them on my plate they would have been better.


And last but definitely not least, because I did eat it for three meals in a row, was the Quinoa Enchilada Casserole.  I loved this.  It was pretty easy to make and reheated wonderfully.  My favorite food is Mexican and this dish had all the flavors.  I’ll make this again very soon.  It’s also a vegetarian dish so it was pretty cheap to make.


I didn’t account for how much leftovers I would have so I think what I’ll do is just try and keep it up with a couple of recipes every week and then eat leftovers on the other nights.

Now for this week…  I have a little love for chocolate that I’m trying to break.  After every meal I want something sweet.  But sweet for me is just chocolate.  I could care less about everything else.  So I’m going to give up chocolate this week and replace it with tea.  Even though this probably sounds like the easiest one so far, I think it will actually be the hardest, but we shall see.

If you’re giving something up or trying something new I’d love to hear about it.  Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “5 New Recipes

  1. Love these recipes and was surprised to hear you were cooking, lol! I think I might try the enchilada dish, my family loves Mexican food too.


  2. It was funny reading your first paragraph, and then reading your review of the paella. You DO know how to improvise with recipes…you noted using less broth the next time. You’re LEARNING!

    I make shepherds pie once a year for Chris’s birthday. and I use this recipe, but I omit a few things. We can chat about it if you want to try a different variation. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/shepherds-pie-recipe2.html

    I definitely want to try the quinoa enchiladas. Looks yummy.

    So proud of you!!!


    1. Thanks Lady! Yeah it was the first time I realized “oh this didn’t turn out just right, maybe I can make a change next time.” I need to print them out and create a binder so I can make notes on them. I’m old school I like the physicality of being able to touch them and write on them.


      1. Yeah, I agree! Tangible recipes are better. Except I tried writing out the old fashioned cards once and almost lost my sanity. A printed recipe binder sounds much easier!


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