I did it!

Nope, didn’t cure cancer or do anything really heroic but I did finish something I started so if it were up to me I’d be putting on a cape right now.  Luckily for my family I don’t own a cape.  But if I did it would be in the cape section of my closet neatly organized in accordance to color.

Last week I set a little challenge for myself to organize the clothes in my closet.  I’m actually surprised how much more efficient it already feels.  Need a tank top, no prob; a sweatshirt, sure thing, turns out I have 6, 4 of them are grey and say Netflix.  Might be time to stop accepting free stuff just because its offered.  Everything looks prettier, neater and much easier to find.  I even ‘found’ a bunch of stuff I completely forgot I had.  There’s still more work to be done in there before I post the before and after pics, but don’t worry they’re coming….eventually.

I’m all pumped up now. I feel like a fighter before a fight. Trying to figure out what to accomplish next week was tough.  I wanted to mix it up more but the thing that really keeps nagging at me is that I keep saying I want to read more.  So this week I’m going to finish an entire book in 7 days.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone but I’m going with The Girl On The Train.  I usually prefer to keep it light and read books from the chick-lit section but it’ll be good for me to read words that have more than 2 syllables.

If you’re working on a challenge or trying to reach some type of goal I really want to hear about it.  I find it so inspiring to see what other people are accomplishing and how they go about it.  Add to the comment section below so I can reply with questions.

P.S.  I heart Emily Blunt and kind of can’t wait to see the movie too.

Have a good weekend!

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