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I hope you’re all having a lovely summer!  One of my favorite things is getting the chance to read summertimey books.  Books that probably aren’t on the top lists of all time but they’re good, light and enjoyable.

So here is the first Raised on the Radio Book Club – party of 1, so far.  I recently read a really fun, easy, great beach book, Time Of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch.

It’s the story of a woman in her 30’s, she’s already moved from NYC up to the burbs, regrets leaving her advertising job, and now has a husband and a baby girl.  She’s tirelessly trying to do everything perfect according to every magazine she’s ever read.  In her attempt to be so perfect she seems to be loosing touch of all the good things in her marriage and the fun of having a baby.

time of my life

In a freak massage session, while the masseuse is trying to move her chi she gets transported back 7 years – stay with me here, i know it sounds cheesy  but its just the catalyst for the story – anyway she wakes up in her old life with her old boy friend.

I don’t want to give too much away but what the book really explores is how you might do things different given the chance.  Did we make the wrong choices the first time around? Would thinks be different if we could do things over?  It challenges choices we make in life, like boyfriends and  jobs v. the choice to be true to who we really are and not be afraid to voice it.


So if you’re lounging around this summer looking for a good book, check this one out and let me know what you think.  I’d also really love to hear what you’re reading this summer. Please post your great books in the comment section.

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