Simpler Times.

Kids Jumping into Lake Chippewa

Maybe its the start of summer or watching a movie from the 90’s but I find myself wishing for simpler times. Remember growing up, hanging out with your friends and you were totally in the moment.  It was the best.  There were no cell phones where anyone, anytime could call or text to interrupt you from what you were doing.  There were no smartphones to constantly take your attention away.  It was so much easier to be present.

Remember when you couldn’t think of words to a song or the name of a movie and you and your friends actually sat there and thought about it for a while.  I kind of miss that.

Don’t get me wrong, cell phones are great and if asked I probably wouldn’t want to go back to not having them.  I just wish sometimes we could leave them behind for a couple of days and go off and really be where we are.

I find myself scrolling through Facebook like its some kind of to do item on my list.  I don’t even really enjoy it I just feel like I need to be caught up on what everyone is doing.

I’m making a conscious effort to stop checking my phone and to just be in the moment, whether its with my son or with my friends, I want to be right there with them.  Be a better listener and be less worried about what else is going on.

I wonder if you all ever feel this way too.  Do you have moments when you’re not even sure why you are on your phone?  Almost like its just something we do at this point cause we’re so used to doing something every second.  Comment below and let me know if this sounds at all familiar.

If there’s ever a season where we can feel like a kid again it’s the summer so I hope you are all able to enjoy more of the moments you have with everyone this summer.

One thought on “Simpler Times.

  1. Yes!! That’s why I quit Facebook. Or thought I quit till my friend tagged me and showed me that I’m still on there in some circles. I guess there is no way to ever get off once you’re on. I feel awful when my kids see me on my phone, and that happens way more than I’d like to admit.


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